Friday, March 13, 2009

Saeco Venus Limited Edition 8C Coffee Maker

For all around performance I think this is the best 8 cup home coffee maker on the market. This coffee maker has a 1,000 watt heating element which brews hot coffee at 185F degrees. This temperature is hotter than the average coffee maker and still hot enough to burn your taste buds. The coffee carafe holds the coffee piping hot up to 5hrs with ease. The coffee maker has a digital display sporting a clock and a 24hr timer for convenience. Pour and serve allows you to take a cup of coffee before brewing is complete without spilling coffee. This coffee maker has all the bells and whistles and brews hot coffee to boot, which is why we personally think it is a great choice.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Suggestions For Topics On This Blog

Hey Everybody,
I am just looking for some ideas on what type of topics you would like to see here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Coffee?

What is your favorite coffee brand, coffee origin, or coffee flavor. This will be a great place for newbie’s to connoisseurs to get a good feel for what the majority like to drink.

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Hey everybody,
We have a great program where each month all new registrants are thrown into a basket and we randomly pick one name to win our monthly giveaway. Each month the winner will receive up to 3lbs of Catherine Marie's coffee just for entering there name.

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Coffee Of The Week Specials 40% OFF

Every week we have Catherine Marie's coffee that is 40% off regular price and includes free shipping. At this price nobody and we mean nobody can beat these prices for fresh roasted European Style coffee. Check our homepage every Sunday for the new coffee of the week specials, we always have 4 different coffees at this fabulous price.

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Coffee Recipes

There are many different ways to prepare and drink coffee. Here you will find many wonderful ways to make excellent tasting hot and cold coffee beverages. These recipes have been submitted by readers like you.

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Newco OCS-12 Coffee Maker

The Newco OCS series of coffee makers are the best home coffee makers in the world with no debate. The Newco OCS-12 carafe holds temperature for 8-10 hours. The OCS brewer uses a high wattage heating element for fast brewing up to ten pots per hour. The near boiling temperature is ideal for hot tea or specialty coffee. The brew temperature is 202F and the coffee maker utilizes pulsating brewing for ultimate bean extraction.

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