Monday, December 7, 2009

Newco OCS Coffee Makers In Stock

Hey Folks,
It's finally happened, the OCS coffee makers are in stock and shipping daily. We guarantee there will be none available after next week so get your orders in.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Newco OCS Coffee Makers Finally Here!

Hey Folks,
We have good news, the Newco OCS coffee makers will be in stock the first week of December. If you would like one you better preorder because we can practically guarantee they will be gone by Dec 15th. It will be another 6-9 month long wait before they are available again, so if you want a Newco OCS-8, Newco OCS-12, or Newco OCS-12A you better get one now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Coffee Maker For Your Home

Hey Folks,
I just wanted to talk about our #1 hottest selling coffee maker of 2009 for your Home.

Newco AKH TC Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes with a 1775 watt heating element and brews hot coffee at 198°F every time. This is by far the smallest and most energy efficient commercial coffee maker on the market, hence why it's perfect for your home. You just pour water into the top and 4 minutes later you have piping hot coffee, and because of the patented spray head design it is perfect for Specialty Coffee like Catherine Marie's.

Quick Specs:

The AKH TC coffee maker is designed to offer years of trouble free operation while delivering a consistently great cup of fresh hot coffee with every brew. The AKH TC model incorporates features such as: a heat pump water system, a ready light incorporated for optimum brewing temperature, a master on/off power switch, and durable stainless steel construction.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Newco OCS Coffee Maker Update

Hey Folks,
At this time we are on schedule to have our one and only Newco OCS Coffee Maker shipment in by December 15th. We don't know when the next shipment will be available but we can guarantee there won't be enough for everybody and it will be another long, long wait until the next shipment arrives. If you want a good chance at getting a Newco OCS Coffee Maker please use our Contact Us form and we will contact you when they arrive.

Saeco Venus Limited Vs. Newco OCS-8

Allot of customers have asked what is the best home coffee maker on the market and we have always stated the Saeco and the Newco. We have tested the 8C limited edition compared to the Newco OCS series and the end result is the Saeco 8C limited brews 3°F hotter than the Newco OCS coffee makers.

The average brew temperature of the Newco OCS coffee maker is 195°F coming out of the sprayhead producing 190-192°F coffee in a primed carafe. The average brew temperature of the Saeco 8C Limited coffee maker is 198°F coming out of the sprayhead producing 193-195°F coffee in a primed carafe.

For any home coffee maker these results are clearly hotter than the average brewer on the market. The Saeco has a stainless steel thermal carafe which is better than the Newco glass thermal carafe. The Saeco also has a clock and a timer where the Newco does not. Both coffee makers come with a 1 year warranty and we stock replacement parts for both. You can't go wrong with either coffee maker and it comes down to personal preference.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Lower Pricing On All Newco Coffee Makers

Hey Folks,
We have new lower pricing on all Newco products and our prices won't be beat. Stop by and take a look at our Newco Commercial Coffee Makers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Newco OCS Coffee Maker Update

Hey Folks,
Newco has stated that the Newco OCS-8, Newco OCS-12, and the Newco OCS-12A coffee maker should be available by December 2009. It has been a long wait and the pre order list is large but we will be available to fullfill every order for this holiday season.

Lower Pricing On All Bunn Coffee Makers

Hey Everybody,
We have lowered our prices on all Bunn Coffee Makers and Bunn Iced Tea Makers. Check out our site for the latest products.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Logo Design Contest

Hey Everybody,
We have launched our Logo Design Contest for Essential Wonders, Inc. and Catherine Marie's coffee, the grand winner will receive up to $500.00 in prizes. Please visit the following link for details:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Follow Us On Twitter!

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We are now on Twitter, so for great deals and news follow us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catherine Marie's Caribbean Blend Gourmet Coffee Beans

Hey Folks,
We have a new coffee blend and it's the Caribbean Blend. It will be on sale through the end of July. Check it out.

Caribbean Blend Coffee

Just Launched Facebook

Hey Folks,
We just launched our new Facebook page, stop by and look for great deals everyday.

Essential Wonders Facebook Page

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Better Than The Newco OCS Coffee Maker

Hey Folks,
We have had a tremendous response to the custom coffee makers we have been building to replace the Newco OCS coffee maker. We have been offering reconditioned commercial coffee makers that we have converted to thermal carafe coffee makers. These coffee makers brew twice as fast and even hotter than the OCS Series, plus all stainless steel for durability. Thanks for your support and keep on enjoying those commercial thermal coffee makers in your homes.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update On Newco OCS Coffee Makers

Hey Folks,
The current coffee makers affected by this are the Newco OCS-8, Newco OCS-12, and Newco OCS-12A coffee maker series. There will be no OCS brewers on the market before September 2009, when we have a shipment status we will start Pre-Orders for these coffee makers back up.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saeco Venus Limited Edition 8C Coffee Maker

For all around performance I think this is the best 8 cup home coffee maker on the market. This coffee maker has a 1,000 watt heating element which brews hot coffee at 185F degrees. This temperature is hotter than the average coffee maker and still hot enough to burn your taste buds. The coffee carafe holds the coffee piping hot up to 5hrs with ease. The coffee maker has a digital display sporting a clock and a 24hr timer for convenience. Pour and serve allows you to take a cup of coffee before brewing is complete without spilling coffee. This coffee maker has all the bells and whistles and brews hot coffee to boot, which is why we personally think it is a great choice.

More Info Or Purchase

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Suggestions For Topics On This Blog

Hey Everybody,
I am just looking for some ideas on what type of topics you would like to see here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Coffee?

What is your favorite coffee brand, coffee origin, or coffee flavor. This will be a great place for newbie’s to connoisseurs to get a good feel for what the majority like to drink.

Register To Win!

Hey everybody,
We have a great program where each month all new registrants are thrown into a basket and we randomly pick one name to win our monthly giveaway. Each month the winner will receive up to 3lbs of Catherine Marie's coffee just for entering there name.

Register For A Chance To Win

Coffee Of The Week Specials 40% OFF

Every week we have Catherine Marie's coffee that is 40% off regular price and includes free shipping. At this price nobody and we mean nobody can beat these prices for fresh roasted European Style coffee. Check our homepage every Sunday for the new coffee of the week specials, we always have 4 different coffees at this fabulous price.

Coffee Of The Week Specials

Coffee Recipes

There are many different ways to prepare and drink coffee. Here you will find many wonderful ways to make excellent tasting hot and cold coffee beverages. These recipes have been submitted by readers like you.

Review Coffee Recipes

Submit Coffee Recipe

Newco OCS-12 Coffee Maker

The Newco OCS series of coffee makers are the best home coffee makers in the world with no debate. The Newco OCS-12 carafe holds temperature for 8-10 hours. The OCS brewer uses a high wattage heating element for fast brewing up to ten pots per hour. The near boiling temperature is ideal for hot tea or specialty coffee. The brew temperature is 202F and the coffee maker utilizes pulsating brewing for ultimate bean extraction.

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