Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newco OCS-12 Coffee Maker

The Newco OCS series of coffee makers are the best home coffee makers in the world with no debate. The Newco OCS-12 carafe holds temperature for 8-10 hours. The OCS brewer uses a high wattage heating element for fast brewing up to ten pots per hour. The near boiling temperature is ideal for hot tea or specialty coffee. The brew temperature is 202F and the coffee maker utilizes pulsating brewing for ultimate bean extraction.

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  1. My wife and I use the Newco OCS-12A coffee maker in our home every day. We have tried $10.00-$500.00 home coffee makers and by far the OCS is the best available. The Newco OCS-12A model allows us to hook up the coffee maker to our water line and a filtration system, a fresh pot of Catherine Marie's coffee is only 4 minutes away. You will not find a better coffee maker on the market today.

  2. I bought one of these last year and would have to say I am highly impressed with the coffee maker. It surely does make the hottest coffee I have ever had and brews a pot pretty quick. The coffee carafe is by far superior to any I have ever seen.